Who is it for?

Why a man-to-man offer?

For the pleasure, the simplicity and the specific dynamics of contact between men and for the complementarity. I propose an alternative in a field where the offer is mainly female.

In fact, in our societies, it is mainly women who “take care” through direct contact and touch: nurses, educators, schoolteachers, masseuses and other substitute “mothers”. Whereas in the mental health arena, in the field of coaching, so-called higher education and many types of psychotherapy, we find mainly men.

So why should we have a specific man-to-man offer that includes touch?

In fact, sexual orientation influences at most the type of wounding we carry, and therefore the reasons for undertaking such an approach are different. It is a question of establishing a real, concrete relationship of trust, an integrated, embodied trust, because it passes through the body as much as through the emotional, sensitive, and mental aspects of one’s being.

See My values: “sacred masculine – fulfilled masculine”.


Are women excluded from your treatment and massage offers?

On the contrary, women are welcome!

Simply, I want to promote this specific offer from man to man because I am convinced that it is essential that it exists!

Massage at home

Do you offer home massage?

Yes: wellness in the massage comfort of your own home!

For me, making wellness possible means flexibility. I work in offices in Geneva, Rolle, and Lausanne and if it’s the right thing for you, I can come to your home.

Sexual orientation

Are these offers only for gay or bisexual men? I am straight/bi/homo/trans/a-sexual. Am I welcome?

Man to Man is for all men regardless of their sexual orientation.
For me, we are all human beings created through and expressing a male-female dynamic. Like a living dance, it is a game of balances that is constantly shifting.
The question of sexual orientation is usually a trap, a categorisation that freezes reality. But it becomes fascinating if we start to broaden it to include hetero/homo sensuality, hetero/homo sensitivity. Here we are talking about something more essential – how do I relate to the feminine and the masculine?

Why then propose a specific offer including touch?

My experience shows me the restorative potential of man-to-man care regardless of their sexual orientation. In fact, sexual orientation influences at most the type of wounding we carry, and therefore the reasons for undertaking such an approach are perhaps different. It is a question of establishing a real, concrete relationship of trust, an integrated, embodied trust, because it passes through the body as much as through the emotional, sensitive, and mental aspects of our being.

“Gay” massages: in this same search to establish a concrete relationship of trust, it is essential to also openly propose gay massages! The difference is not in the offer, but in the dynamic in which they are experienced.

see also My values,


“From the wounded masculine to the sacred masculine”.

“Marrying masculine and feminine energies within oneself”.

Jacques Lucas

“The ravages of the lack of friendly and platonic contact in men’s lives”.

Mark Green

Gay massage

Do you offer gay massages?

“Gay” massage: it changes everything and it changes nothing!

Yes, it changes the dynamics of the session, but there is no need to offer special protocols.

I offer gay massages because, as for all treatments, I offer you a massage in the simplicity of authenticity, and listening to your specific needs.

I invite you to visit the page I am What I am !

Modesty, shyness

I don't want to undress, but can I still have a massage and/or a treatment?

Modesty is a quality: it invites delicacy. Embarrassment is a hindrance, and shame is an obstacle….which can be befriended and overcome.

Man-to-man treatments offer support on this path to liberation and well-being. No worries, all variations are possible.


Can I keep my clothes on? Do I have to undress completely? Is full nudity possible?

All variations are possible!

Various treatments can be carried out with clothes on (relaxation, harmonisation of the sensitive body). For the other proposals, we adjust ourselves so that you feel comfortable.

When experienced with ease, complete nudity allows a feeling of total freedom and regenerative unity.


What if I have an erection?

The concern around erections stems from a lack of understanding of physiology, and basic confusion between pleasure and desire!

In this environment of confusion and lack of discussion on the subject, almost all men have experienced situations of shame and mockery relating to erections, and this from childhood, whether it be for fear of “failure” or the embarrassing presence because it is untimely. This confusion makes us feel vulnerable, and I believe that many aggressive macho behaviours are the result.


See also My Values, “The ravages of lack of friendly, platonic contact in men’s lives”.

Mark Green

An erection is a natural physiological reaction, usually in response to feelings of pleasure. It may coincide with desire, but it is not an automatic expression of it!

Beyond the emotional aspects of this, the erection touches our foundations as men. In it is manifested the ambivalence of the masculine dynamic of power and vulnerability: a physiological reaction that we do not control while it symbolises our power and potentiates our pleasure.

Indeed, it can come untimely or fail to do so, to our great shame and frustration.  This is all the more true because in youth and the early years of sexual discovery, youthful vigour and fears are usually at their peak. Men often report very strong memories. Also, one can concentrate to inhibit an erection, or … play with fantasies to stimulate one.

Why talk about it during a treatment/massage?

It’s about being able to let go, so that you can enjoy the treatment. It would be a pity to tense up during a massage for fear of an untimely erection. In fact, an erection coincides with a state of letting go, since fear inhibits it.

Focusing on the fear of an erection would mean preventing you from entering the feeling of the present moment, living the experience by dissociating yourself from yourself, which would have consequences well beyond the treatment.

In the context of a massage, there is therefore nothing shocking: no inappropriate invitation, no intention of excitement, no shame to be had. The simplicity of male contact is also that!

Furthermore, I invite you to consider this theme in your love life. Distinguishing between reactions of pleasure and sexual excitement frees you from a lot of pressure and brings a lot of fluidity between partners.

Limitations due to age or physical disability

I have limitations, I live with a disability, I am elderly, is this an offer for me?

In such situations there is an even greater need to feel good!

I chose specialized training in massage for ‘fragile’ people precisely because it allows me to adjust to all sorts of situations in order to best respond to your desires and needs, which we will establish in an open and non-judgmental dialogue.

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia

Can massages cure erectile dysfunction / ejaculation disorders, and awaken my libido?

Massages can do a lot for you: they (re)connect you to or allow you to (re) discover the body of sensations and pleasure, invigorate your energy, calm your mind, and soothe your emotions.

Physiology and emotions are intrinsically connected to your sexuality.
You have certainly investigated your concerns on a medical level, and if you have not yet done so, I invite you to do so.

I do not offer medical care, but I know from experience that body treatments and massages have powerful therapeutic benefits. We will work within two complementary dynamics: relaxing and toning. This will allow you to feel yourself whole and reconnect to the foundations of your being and your power. We will also be able to develop together the tools proposed by the Tantric and Taoist traditions to
– discover new sensations
– know your body and its reactions
– gain confidence in yourself
– increase your vital and sexual energy

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