Peaceful clarity

Harmonising the Sensitive Body – The Résseguier Method

60 minutes
120 francs

You want to feel yourself again, be connected to your inner truth, to “pause” and let all the stress, pain, and/or crises settle.

True relaxation and the perception of ease come from the right ‘visceral tone’. That means that physiological balance and mental balance corroborate and support each other.

This is a mind-body approach. The balancing or harmonization of the ‘Sensitive Body’ revives, energizes, and supports vitality through touch-presence, listening, and physical and verbal expression. This experience of vitality in the body’s tissues builds confidence and creates a feeling of inner peace and well-being.


Very good feeling, total escape and surrender, lots of relaxation.


From the outside, not much happened. On the inside everything has changed. Everything is in its place!


I was able to touch spaces of serenity that I had sensed but never experienced: gratitude to Life!

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