Joy of Life

Tantric massage for men

90 / 120 min
150 / 180 francs
Ying et yang

Pleasure and ‘joie de vivre’: experience a deep and delicious sense of wholeness, connection, expansion and ecstasy!

This is a massage with powerful therapeutic and regenerative virtues. By awakening vital energy through pleasure, it reconnects you to the very meaning and joy of life!

The path to the Self has many “gateways”. Tantra symbolises this particularly well. It considers each of the chakras (energy centres) as a specific gateway, each at its own level: body-heart-soul-spirit. The seven main chakras correspond to the root, sexuality, strength, heart, expression, intellect, and spirituality. All of these “gateways” are valid, as long as they lead you to yourself. From there, it is up to you to allow them to communicate harmoniously with each other in natural resonance.

Do you want to feel your vital energy, explore your sensations, and reconnect with your masculine through pleasure? This is for you!

Tantric massage

It is through our senses that we come into contact with Life, and the totality of this experience gives meaning to our lives. The richness and harmony of our sensory and sensual experiences, and the pleasure of feeling, are the foundations of our joy of living. Celebrating all our senses with intensity, Tantric massage is characterised by its “energetic” dynamics. The person is welcomed and stimulated in their entirety, meeting their authentic experience. The simplicity of this is liberating.

Kashmiri Tantric Massage (D.Odier – C.Daccier)

I particularly enjoy practicing Kashmiri Tantric massage. It is distinguished by a specific protocol, given through body-to-body contact, which allows to connect all the zones of the body together. It supports total relaxation that allows you to surrender deeply to the experience and pleasure of feeling alive again!

Regenerating, unifying, yin-yang harmonising: ecstatic!


A real journey !


This Kashmiri massage was a new discovery for me, with some very powerful moments, not only on a psychological level but also on an emotional level… I’d never had such an intensive and focused massage… There were moments of well-being as if I were in an ocean where the waves rocked me, even inside my body, with energy circulating from the bottom to the top of my body.


I came away with a feeling of fulfilment.


It was intoxicatingly delicate and subtle!

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