Restored after exercise

Sports massages for men in Rolle and Lausanne

60–90 minutes
120 / 150 FRANCS

Relieves pain, releases tension, regains flexibility after physical effort, with an overall feeling of well-being, relaxation, and regeneration!

In more acute situations of muscular and articular tension and pain or physical fatigue due to physical effort, the Savatovski “Touch-Massage” proposes deep local work combined with long sweeping movements. This combination helps to soothe and relax pain and tension in the body and provides a feeling of integrated wellness. I propose two oil massages:  

  • The “grand relaxant”, 60 minutes The “grand relaxant” massage provides maximum well-being in a short time by targeting the most stressed areas.
  • The “essential massage”, 90 minutes The “essential massage” allows for deep and global work and offers integral regeneration.


All parts of the body are connected and harmonised. A very successful flow of relaxation.


Not only do I no longer feel the aches and pains in my thighs and calves, or the pain in my lower back, but I feel so uplifted I’m as good as new!

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