Pierre Pantillon

ASCA-recognised qualified masseur (therapeutic, well-being) and certified body practitioner.

In the simplicity of masculine contact, I propose to accompany you towards inner body-sex-heart-soul-spirit harmony.

Through various and complementary approaches, I offer you treatments and massages to savour, explore, unlock, transform within – for you to thrive!

In a dynamic and reassuring setting that fully recognises you in a caring way, I welcome you in your entirety. In this space of trust, there is room for the word as well as for the body, the sexual body as well as for the mental, emotional and subtle bodies. Well-being and pleasure establish a “basic comfort”.

Because it is powerfully renewing, fulfilling, enjoyable, it is also profoundly liberating.  In this dynamic you can then meet your fears and wounds and truly move through them.

Through such a “therapeutic connection”, these experiences are a source of quiet joy, and keys to your evolution and deep transformation.

Français – English – Deutsch – Italiano

My background

My professional career is based on solid training, nourished by my life experiences, and rooted in experiences such as yoga, tantra, and men’s circles (MKP) that have been fundamental for me.

Singer, singing teacher, I study curative education and work at the same time as a specialised educator (mental, physical, and psychic handicap) for 7 years.

The practice of singing and the work with people deprived of verbal language led me to different “mind-body” trainings.

In 2016, I set up as a bodywork practitioner, while continuing my training.

Diplômes et certifications:

2004 Massages spécialisés (Oliverio, Vevey)
2006 Harmonisation du corps sensible Méthode Résséguier (Schönried).
2019 Toucher-massage, massage bien-être, massage sportif, massage “personnes fragilisées” (Institut de Formation Joël Savatovski, Dijon)
2021 Massage thérapeutique et sportif classique (Vitalité, Sierre)
2022 Reconnaissance ASCA

My values: “sacred masculine – fulfilled masculine”.

Experiencing that it’s good to be a man allows you to (re)find your grounding, your confidence, and your energy as a MAN.

Man, masculinity, virility, machismo, sacred masculine …

What kind of man do I want to be? Thanks to the evolution of the female condition, more than ever today, it is clear that I no longer automatically fit into the normal stereotypes. This is an opportunity … but if I am no longer the ‘macho lambda’: which man should I become? If I reject the masculine because I associate it with machismo, which fathers/peers can I draw inspiration from? Is the masculine characterised in opposition to the feminine?

Only to the extent that I am at peace with myself as a man can I fully encounter the Other, man, woman, trans, whatever.

Vulnerability, competition, connection, recognition…

It was at a Tantra workshop between men that my heart opened to men and therefore to the man I am. Until then, like most men, I didn’t even know to what extent my relationship with men in general was driven by fear in the form of distancing, competition, feelings of inferiority, escape and/or contempt. Since vulnerability was denied, being authentic was impossible, living well and whole was therefore unlikely.

Intimacy, trust, vulnerability…real power!

Fear blocks tenderness, and without tenderness there is no intimacy! Intimacy allows unconditional acceptance and builds trust. Trust allows vulnerability. And vulnerability releases true power!

Wounded Masculine: how do I (re)find connection to the Masculine and to People, on all levels?

It is about being able to (re)connect to the masculine and to men, both on a personal level, through your body, your identity, your affiliations, and on a social level, where you see men as “family”.

Personal counselling and men’s groups

In addition to individual counselling, it is also important for you to be able to get in touch with peers, brothers and fathers!

I share with you my experiences with men’s groups, both “social” and “tribal”: MKP (ManKindProject), Tantra, Tantra-men.

I regularly organise workshops and meetings between men. Finally, there are many men ‘on the path’, the possibilities are numerous. Here is another link to some of the founding texts.

The experience of surrendering to a loving and reassuring presence allows us to recover and regenerate fully: