Vitality and relaxation

Relaxing and wellness massage for men

60 / 90 / 120 min
120 / 150 / 180 francs

Well in your body, well in your life: enjoy the feeling of well-being, relaxation and suppleness in your whole being!

Having completed several professional training courses, I offer and can combine a number of approaches or protocols. For the classic ASCA-recognised massage, see therapeutic massage.

Wellness massage

Providing deep relaxation and an all-encompassing feeling of well-being. I offer this in 2 packages, which I can adjust according to your needs or situation: sports massage, massage for people with limitations (age, disability, etc.).

  • The “Grand Relaxant”, 60 minutes: maximum well-being in a short space of time. An in-depth massage of the back, back, legs, feet, hands and face (with oil).
  • The “Essential Massage”, 90-120 minutes: an all-encompassing massage for total regeneration. The time and, above all, the pleasure of devoting more attention to specific areas that need it, while addressing the whole body.

The “Savatovski touch-massage” combines the unifying and therapeutic virtues of Ayurvedic massage, with the specificities of deep local work in certain zones through Californian and Swedish massage.

In the spirit of “democratizing” massage, it is available in various forms that allow us to respond in a personalized way to the specific needs and requests of individuals, as well as to various external constraints. For example, by offering shorter formulas.


I had a superb massage that really nourished me. Much fulfilment.


Deep well-being, like a cocoon. Nourished on several levels: physical, emotional, and energetic.  


Very beautiful and good massage. Strength and softness. Great movements, harmony, balance. Serenity.

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