Relaxing and wellness and massage for men in Rolle, Lausanne and Geneva

Because men need to recharge their batteries also with men.
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It's good to be a man!

In simplicity, complicity and authenticity, I share with you what I have discovered along the way: pleasure, energy, power and gentleness in men! Français - Deutsch - English - Italiano
Soins & Massages

With delicate yet firm hands, softness and depth, I was able to let go and relax.


A warm, caring, and attentive welcome. Simple, clear explanations and a pleasant atmosphere. Pierre put me at ease quickly and easily, with a very appropriate and caring attitude.


The facial massage really relaxed my tense jaw muscles. It also made me feel a slight tingling sensation in my paralysed legs, which are normally insensitive to everything. It was very pleasant to feel things at that level.

Valério (tétraplégique) III

I was able to touch spaces of serenity that I had sensed but never experienced: gratitude to Life!


This Kashmiri massage was a new discovery for me, with some very powerful moments, not only on a psychological level but also on an emotional level… I’d never had such an intensive and focused massage… There were moments of well-being as if I were in an ocean where the waves rocked me, even inside my body, with energy circulating from the bottom to the top of my body.