Relaxing and wellness and massage for men in Rolle, Lausanne and Geneva

Because men need to recharge their batteries also with men.
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It's good to be a man!

In simplicity, complicity and authenticity, I share with you what I have discovered along the way: pleasure, energy, power and gentleness in men! Français - Deutsch - English - Italiano
Soins & Massages

Very beautiful and good massage. Strength and softness. Great movements, harmony, balance. Serenity.


I came away with a feeling of fulfilment.


I was able to touch spaces of serenity that I had sensed but never experienced: gratitude to Life!


A wonderful moment. A very beautiful intention and attention. It opened me up so much more to myself.


Superb massage by a wonderful masseur! Presence, simplicity, completeness, the movements are rich and executed with confidence.