elderly people and people with disabilities

Massage for the elderly and people with disabilities

60-90 minutes
120-150 francs

Beyond your limitations: feel good about yourself, feel good about your life!

There is no limit to how good you can feel!

Do you feel that your personal situation restricts your access to a range of treatments and massages, even though you know you would benefit from them?It is important to me to be able to respond to your request beyond your physical or psychological challenges, or other restrictions due to age!

Let’s be creative: it’s just a matter of adjusting the proposals.

It is not up to you to change. It is up to me to adjust the proposals. A la carte carte is possible!

Wellness massage for men, foot massage for men. Whether firm, gentle or sensual, foot massage has a lot of enthusiastic fans! What's more, oil helps to nourish this part of our body where the skin is often particularly dry.

Physical or psychological limitations, discomfort…

An elderly person, a person with disabilities or someone who has difficulties with being touched or nudity, for example: everyone is welcome with their own unique situation, for a treatment tailored to their taste.

How will it work?

Together, we adjust the different proposals to your wishes, needs and possibilities. The type of treatment or massage, partial or total, on the skin or through clothes, with or without oil, etc. can vary endlessly.

Sensitivity to difference? Everyone is unique! We all have a human body. This is our shared humanity.

The “weaving” of body, heart, soul, and spirit is at the centre of my life, both privately and professionally, whether in music, art in general, spirituality or special education. Because of my life and professional background, I am sensitive to people who are different or in a situation of disability. First, as a singer and singing teacher. The voice is a true revelation of the human being and in this quest, no one can avoid encountering, in a deep way, his or her psychological and physical blocks. I then studied curative education and worked for 7 years as an educator with multi-handicapped and/or elderly people. The contact with people who are partially deprived of the usual sensory and mental communication channels opened my eyes to the urgency of developing the “bodily gateway”, and I started various trainings.

It is quite natural then that when I was developing a wellness and massage offer, I wanted to be able to offer well-being treatments to people in such situations. This is why I chose to train at the Savatovski Institute (IFJS) which offers a specialisation in “Fragile Person” massage. The Savatovski “Touch-Massage” combines the unifying and therapeutic virtues of Ayurvedic massage, with deep local work in certain zones through Californian and Swedish massage. In the spirit of “democratizing” massage, it is available in a variety of forms that allow for a personalized response to the specific needs of each person, as well as to various physical and material constraints.



The facial massage really relaxed my tense jaw muscles. It also made me feel a slight tingling sensation in my paralysed legs, which are normally insensitive to everything. It was very pleasant to feel things at that level.

Valério (tétraplégique) III

My nerves were so relaxed that I fell asleep and felt the restorative effects of a good nap afterwards.

Valério (tétraplégique) II

When you massaged my left foot, I clearly felt a pressure point on the top of the foot. I was pleasantly and happily surprised, as I’m not supposed to feel anything in my lower limbs!

Valério (tétraplégique) I

All parts of the body are connected and harmonised. A very successful flow of relaxation.

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