Freedom of movement

Stretch-massage, “relaxinésie” Savatovski

60 minutes
CHF 120.-

Put down your bags, experience the feeling of lightness and flexibility when your joints are supple!

“We don’t really know how to explain this need to stretch, but we have to admit that it creates instant well-being. Against stress and all its related tension, to avoid withdrawal and the shell we build for ourselves, stretching, opening up, lying down, and relaxing becomes more necessary than ever.”

J. Savatovski

How does it work?

“Relaxinésie”, a form of stretch-massage, mobilises the different parts of the body by gentle and progressive stretching and pressure, in conjunction with the breath, with the aim of releasing tension. It provides a deep and whole-body sensation of relaxation and lightness that generates a feeling of well-being. This practice, which is reminiscent of Balinese massage, is completed by a hand and face massage. It is practised with clothes on (loose, supple clothing) and thus offers an interesting alternative in situations where nudity, even partial, is not possible or desired.


Thank you for this moment of deep relaxation which helped me through a difficult period.


All my body is immediately engaged, leading to relaxation +++.


Beautifully slow movements and presence/listening to the patient’s reaction. The feeling that all the joints have been loosened and that the energy is flowing well. A delightful feeling of wholeness.

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